Sony SmartWatch

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch

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Fitur Spesifikasi Sony SmartWatch

Dimensi: 36 mm x 36 mm.
Tebal: 8 mm
Berat Keseluruhan: 15.5 g main unit, 26 g jam tangannya saja.

Warna: White clip, black display (metallic frame)
SmartWatch main unit with clip
Black watchband
Watchband adapter
USB charger
User guide + warranty leaflet
Multi-touch color OLED display
Presentation video
Getting started video, A world of entertainment

OS: Android
Bluetooth core version: 3.0
Music player control – track information on display

Messaging: Can read sms and email and calendar reminders on display Social networking services: Facebook, Twitter

Low usage, 1 week.
Typical usage, 3-4 days
Heavy usage,1 full day
Charging connector: USB cable

Reject and mute calls, pre-defined sms, take call and use headset
Note! Take-call functionality is not supported for phones listed under other brands.


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